Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Preparing the Grow Boxes

The photos above show how the grow boxes are being prepared for planting.  Fertilizer and sawdust are applied to each box and then roto tilled and raked smooth.  Following this process the sprinkler lines will be assembled and finally the weed cloth, with the holes cut in to allow for the plants, will be secured to the boxes.
We had more than 30 volunteers come to the farm on Tuesday to help with this process, as well as burning more weed cloth and continuing to trim the grape vines and general cleanup.  We really appreciate the volunteers who come each week.

Last year we started composting everything from the fields and grow boxes.  Everything is shredded before going into the compost pile.  We will use this compost for the field as well as the grow boxes.

The farm has it's own tractor to plow and till the field, which the missionaries take care of.
Missionaries demonstrate how the tilling is to be done in the grow boxes.  We have 32 boxes each 85 feet long that will need to be prepared for planting.
Partial trays of seeds, some plants coming up, others can take up to two weeks to germinate.  Our greenhouse has a large fan blowing 24-7, an exhaust fan for when the temperature reaches a certain point.  We also have a swamp cooler to help cool down the greenhouse when the temperature reaches 90 degrees or higher.  Before we had plants in the greenhouse, the inside temperature would reach at least 120 degrees.  That is why we have the cooling systems in place to help with germination and growing of the plants.
Most of our seeds are purchased by mail order.   We try to get the best seeds for the best price.  

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