Saturday, October 4, 2014

Harvesting 1,189 Pounds on Oct. 4, 2014

The Harvest continues and the produce looks Beautiful !!

So far this season we have harvested 23,766 pounds.  We still lots and lots of beautiful pumpkins in the field, as well as Hot and Sweet Peppers; Acorn, Butternut, and Sweet Dumpling squashes. 

Today we harvested 85 pounds of Romaine Lettuce.  This lettuce is very popular at the Bishop's Storehouse.  The tomatoes are still producing; today we harvested 88 pounds. 

Today we harvested 450 pounds of Pumpkins; 297 pounds of Acorn Squash; 90 pounds of Butternut Squash and 40 pounds of Sweet Dumpling Squash. 

Myself and another missionary talking about
the harvest.  Note, we each have knives
in our hands - which are needed for the

A missionary is using the power washer to
clean off the pumpkins.

We do have a BEAUTIFUL crop of
pumpkins this year.

The above are a new variety of
squash to the farm.  They are
delicious baked and are not
too large.  They are called
Sweet Dumpling.

Another view of all the pumpkins.

Photo of the Truck we use to transport the produce to the
Bishop's Storehouse. 

This morning, Saturday, October 4, we started our harvest at
8 am.  It was quite cold, but the produce was still harvested.
Note how we are dressed.

Another view of missionaries getting ready for the
Harvest.  We are wearing our heavier jackets.  It was
only a few months ago we were wearing our shorts and T shirts.
But it was very Warm then.  Today the temperature
was in the 40's. 

More view of our missionaries.  We really have enjoyed serving
with these folks.

Carolyn mentioned I wasn't in very many of the
photos, so here's another picture.

Our missionary picking the cucumbers this morning.  The vines
were very wet with dew on the leaves.

We had lots of Volunteers helping us this
morning.  We appreciate families coming
to help.

More volunteers helping with the washing of the vegetables.
We have 2 washing stations so more volunteers are
able to help.

Volunteers helping stack the crates in
the truck.  This involves a lot of bending
and lifting and we really appreciate those
volunteers who help.

Another missionary picking the cucumbers and getting wet
in the meantime.  The dew is still on the vines.

The above family helps transporting pumpkins to the truck.
Our volunteers come in all sizes and ages to help with
the harvest.
When we bring the produce to the Storehouse, each product
is weighed and recorded.  The crates are then loaded onto
pallets and transported to the coolers.  The above individual
 is part of our missionary force.

Another view at the Storehouse showing a close-up view of
the produce.  The above individual is also part of our
missionary force.

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