Sunday, October 19, 2014

STILL HARVESTING . . . . 28,044 pounds so far !!

We are continuing to Harvest, as well as pull out the dead plants, put the gardens to bed and till the field getting ready for next years harvest.  The volunteers, whom we have enjoyed helping on the farm this season, will finish their time on October 30th. 

After October 30th, the Missionaries will take up the slack and finish the harvesting and putting everything to bed.

Following are various pictures of folks helping to get the farm ready for next year.

Cleaning the boxes.  Pulling up old plants, removing the
weed block and rolling it up, tilling the box and
planting a winter ground cover to fertilize the
box for next year.

Pulling up weed block and rolling up

All the plants are scattered around the field
and then the tractor plows it all into the ground
to  fertilizer for next year.

Cantaloupes and butternut squash still producing.

A volunteer pulling up tomato plants.

Another view of the grow boxes and getting
them cleaned for next year.

Grow box cleanup

More cleanup.  We really appreciate our Volunteers.

The cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are still growing.
Will harvest them the middle of November.

A sister missionary demonstrates the
height of the zucchini plants growing
up the rebar.  They haven't frozen yet.

Pumpkins picked but will wait for
them to get orange before delivering
to the Storehouse.

Another view of the tractor tilling the field.

We planted lots of marigold plants.  They
were in the tomatoes, lettuce and other plants to
ward off the bugs.  They really work !!

Finally, the celery is growing.  Celery takes
a long time to grow.  It will probably be
harvested the middle to end of November,
weather permitting.

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