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An Amazing Day in the Illinois Chicago Mission !

All Mission Meeting (second one within a month) with Elder L. Tom Perry as the visiting authority, along with Elder George Rhodes, of the Seventy.
Baptism of Alan X. (Alan's grandparents joined the church 7 years ago.  Now Alan, 20 yrs old,  has chosen to do the same.)

First, we will post the biography of  Elder Perry published by the Church. In the short time we saw him, we saw him as  very real, very humorous, charming, friendly, personable, and very spiritual. He told us he had been thinking and praying about what he should tell our missionaries today.

Elder L. Tom Perry

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Elder L. Tom Perry at General Conference
"Elder L. Tom Perry, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was called to his present Church position April 6, 1974, after serving as an Assistant to the Twelve since 1972.
Elder Perry’s Church service began with a mission to the Northern States in 1942, after which he served for two years with the Marines in the Pacific. Subsequent Church positions include counselor in a bishopric in Lewiston, Idaho; counselor in a stake presidency in Sacramento, California; high councilor in the New York Stake; and president of the Boston Stake.
He was born August 5, 1922, in Logan, Utah, to Leslie Thomas and Nora Sonne Perry.

He received his B.S. degree in finance from Utah State University in 1949 and did graduate work there. His professional career was spent in the retail business, where he served as vice president and treasurer in companies located in Idaho, California, New York, and Massachusetts.
On July 18, 1947, he married Virginia Lee of Hyde Park, Utah, in the Logan Temple. She died December 14, 1974. They are the parents of two daughters and a son.

He married Barbara Taylor Dayton on April 28, 1976, in the Salt Lake Temple."
                                                                 * * *
Elder Perry fell a few weeks ago and is still recovering from 6 broken ribs.  He wanted to shake the hands of ALL 200 plus missionaries, but was unable to stand that long.  However, he shook hands as he entered the chapel with a few of the missionaries, and again as he left the chapel.  He shook hands with everyone on the back row.  WE WERE ON THE BACK ROW, as well as all the senior missionaries.  Elder Perry commented on Von's height.

We were blessed to hear from four speakers.  As we list the things we want to remember from today, we will indicate who gave that  message.

LEARN FROM YOU COMPANION.   !!!  (Elder Perry and Pres. Woodbury)

We discussed the power of TWO.  Companionships -  Protection -  Second witness - Us and the Spirit - Bible and Book of Mormon - Members and Missionaries - Us and the Savior - Testimonies of two - Lord's angels to be with us - Joseph and Oliver.   ( Pres. Woodbury)

Missionaries after meeting in church parking lot with sack lunches.
If you don't desire something you know you should, pray and ask for the blessing to desire it. (Elder Rhodes)

Chicago dyed the river green today, a marvelous event.  We use water for a different purpose.  We use water to turn people white.  (Pres. Woodbury)

Faith makes weak things become strong.  Ether 12:27.  Faith produces manifestations of the Spirit. (Pres. Woodbury)

Repentance is changing our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  It is a gift of growing and improving.  Rather than a hard thing, it is a gentle, merciful and joyful process. It is a gift from our Savior.  Repentance is like spring with it's beautiful new growth.(Sister Woodbury)

From Elder L. Tom Perry:
In sharing the gospel, we need to BE ALIVE,  BE VIGOROUS, and BE CREATIVE !  (He said this very vigorously.) Be positive every day. We need to use the tools we have - Facebook, Preach My Gospel, Neighborhood Meetings, Church Buildings, Family History, IPads & other electronics, fellowshipping and families.   Involve our families in our mission.  Don't go door to door, the old fashioned way.  Instead, use inspiration and the tools we have been given.  Use your head, knees, faith and your companion to share the gospel.  God doesn't waste His resources - us. Be Creative (if one way does not work, then try another). We Are The Best Trained Missionaries Ever Sent Out.

We are here for someone specific.  We need to be aware of every minute of time.  Do not waste.  Love to work.  Plan your lives. In the field , learn how to use time wisely. This skill will help us all when we return.

We are all here for someone to meet someone and  help them receive the gospel.  The Quorum of the 12 Apostles, with the Spirit, chose each of us to be in the Illinois Chicago Mission!!
NO GOOD EFFORT IS EVER WASTED.  Be alive, vigorous and creative in bringing people to Christ.

Elder Perry taught us what he had learned from mission companions 73 years ago in the same area where we serve (then the Northern States Mission) by telling stories of his mission and companions. From them he learned the power of work and the power of study. He encouraged us to LEARN from our companions.  (Elder Perry)

More of our great missionaries.
Always the results come after the trial of our faith. Most missionaries work a long time before they see results. (Pres. Woodbury)

Every challenge we have in our life prepares us to do God's work.  (Pres. Woodbury)

It was easy to identify with Elder Rhodes when he said you receive a "rush of the Spirit" from being in a room    filled with missionaries.  (Elder Rhodes)

(Elder Rhodes)
There is a great divide in the scriptures - especially the Book of Mormon.  It is the Valiance Divide.  People are either Valiant and press forward a reap the rewards, or they are Not Valiant, and reap what they sow  The different between valiant and non-valiant is  in your heart.  People can all do the same thing, but what is in their heart makes what they do valiant or non-valiant.  We need to choose whether we want to be valiant or non-valiant missionaries.  The straight path to valiance passes directly through the narrow gate of obedience.

Work hard right up until the end of our mission.  His son found an investigator three days before he left his mission. (Elder Rhodes)
 The President told us that Oliver Cowdry described his time with Joseph Smith as "these days were never to be forgotten."   Today, we sat at the feet of an apostle to learn.  Today is a day never to be forgotten.

At the close of our meeting today,
   we sang
Hope of Israel "the missionary way". 
 All the missionaries suddenly stood and raised their fist as they sang the last chorus:
Sister Christensen cried.
SUMMARY:     3Bs & 4Us.

Be Alive

Be Vigorous

Be Creative

Use Head

Use Faith

Use Knees

Use Companion

AN AMAZING DAY in the Illinois Chicago Mission.

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