Wednesday, April 29, 2015




Today Von and I transported two Visa Waiters to the airport so they could fly to Portugal and Brazil to continue their mission now that their visas had arrived.   At the airport I got out of the car and went into the airport to get them through check in.     (Yes, me, who has always depended on Von to get me where I was going.)      (This whole mission is out of my comfort zone.  In fact – I don’t even know if I have a comfort zone left somewhere to go to !) 
We got in the baggage line, and the Elders had to use a machine to get their boarding pass.  The first Elder got his boarding pass and we turned to help Elder P.  He tapped on the screen that he had two pieces of luggage, just like Elder B. had done.  But unlike Elder B, the screen informed Elder P that he owed $100.00 for is luggage fee. ??????????????  No one was expecting that.  Immediately through my mind “this can’t be”…”where will we get it”.  I looked at Elder P. to see if he had the money, and I could tell by his face he was worried.  I looked back at the machine, and before my eyes appeared a hand holding a hundred dollar bill (that actually sparkled).   I turned to see who the hand belonged to.  It belonged to a young father who said he was a beneficiary of Mormon Missionaries (a convert).

After the shock wore off, and our speechlessness disappeared, we found that the man was a convert to the church and just wanted to help the missionaries.  Later, he asked Elder P. to "pay it forward" on his mission.  (He hadn’t known when he offered the money whether the missionaries were going home or to their mission.)  The man asked Elder P. to "pay it forward" by doing  bicycle contacting in Portugal, especially with those who have problems with their bikes.  He said if Elder P. stopped to help, people would respond to him and his companion because of their badges. 

Soon, the Elders cleared the baggage line, and we all went our separate ways – me to the bathroom to relieve my emotional high with a good cry and the Elders to continue their journey. 
Don’t anyone tell me there aren’t miracles.  The man was with his wife and two small children on their way home to Salt Lake from London.  He wasn’t even supposed to be in our line.  He must have seen what was happening as he passed. 

Heavenly Father loves his missionaries.  Me, included – as I got to witness this miracle.

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