Sunday, April 26, 2015


Sister Christensen and I arrived at our Church Building on Saturday
 at 7:45 am ready to clean. 
We saw the Sister Missionaries there and
they told us about their baptism today at 11 am. 
Well, we hurried with the cleaning and went home to get ready.
We try to go to all the baptisms held in our Church Bldg.

Nora, 75 years old, was being baptized.  She is a sweet sister ready to receive
the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Above, Tom is showing Nora about the baptism process.

Nora is sooooo sweet and beautiful.  She looked like an angel in white.

Sister Missionaries Buckmiller (L) and Geracitano (R)

We saw Nora at Church this afternoon and she was just "glowing".
She had received the "Gift of the Holy Ghost" and now
she said she's ready to begin progressing in this true Church.

*  *  *

Tonight we went with the above Sister Missionaries to teach a lesson to an
investigator about the Temple and Family Search.
Very spiritual and very enjoyable. 
We first met Patty at the International Dinner Party
and became attached to her.  She knows
so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has been
prepared to receive the message delivered by these two
sweet sister missionaries.  It was our pleasure to
accompany them tonight.

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