Thursday, April 16, 2015


We understand that some of our misssionary's mothers are accessing this blog - therefore, we plan to add more pictures of our lovely, talented, handsome, spiritual, wonderful, terrific, missionaries.  We have welcomed our first batch of "baby" missionaries....... will welcome the second group at the end of April. Many pictures in our new group of 12 appear in the blog of the last New Missionary Training Session.
 They are "ours" now.  Their parents can have them back after their missions.
These handsome young men stopped by the office today. 
Elders Ah Hong  and Ellis.

 Very serious young missionaries. 
No, Elder Ah Hong isn't injured. 
They are having fun with a moving cart.
Two more handsome dudes. 
Elders Doshier and Allen.
They got teased about carrying their woobies with them. 
Really, they are bringing in stuff left in their apartment from other groups of missionaries.

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