Sunday, April 12, 2015


New Missionary Training, 2nd session.  They come to this training with their companions for a 6 hour training session by the President and AP's.

The New Missionaries are Awesome.
We love rubbing shoulders with
these new missionaries and
feel of their love of the gospel
of Jesus Christ as well as our own testimony that we are part of
God's Army spreading the gospel
throughout the world. 
Missionary service is the best.

We're so grateful to be serving
with these wonderful missionaries. 
Their personalities radiate outward,
as well as their testimonies.

All of the Missionaries are singing the "Lunch Song"
to the Senior Couples,
as they fixed the lunch.

We, the Senior Couples, enjoy them
singing to us.  We know the song,
and each time we hear it,
tears well up in our eyes. 
A truly inspired song.

We are grateful to be serving in the
Illinois Chicago Mission
spreading our testimonies of
God's Love for all mankind.

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  1. Fun pictures! I can see a little bit of my son in these photos!