Saturday, May 30, 2015


(Keith & Eldred)

(Sisters Williams, Eldred, S. Buckmiller)

These sweet sisters taught this investigator the gospel for several weeks.  Today he was baptized.  Look at his smile.   We were fortunate to help this young man overcome some doubts one night when we visited with him in the waiting room of the temple. What an uplifting day today was.  We will attend his confirmation tomorrow in his ward.

During the baptism, a speaker bore testimony to something I would like to echo.

I believe in the gospel of Christ, in the restoration of His church, in the Plan of Salvation and am extremely grateful for His atonement......

Not because this is what my parents believed -
Not because this is what I grew up with -
Not because it is what I was used to and was taught-

But I believe it because I have studied, prayed, read scriptures, prayed, and had a witness from God through the Holy Ghost.  I believe this with all my heart. 

I am here in Chicago because I believe this.  I have weathered many trials because I believe this.  I am a happy person because I believe this.  I am at peace and contented because I believe this.  Anything good in me is because I believe this.  And I will try for the rest of my life to live up to my beliefs, however inadequately that happens.  Everthing thing I hold dear has come to me through blessing from the Lord.  (Sister Christensen)

Today we heard the Allegory of the GPS (not Gospel Plan of Salvation, but Global Positioning System).

The Holy Ghost operates in our lives much like the GPS.   We have to tune in to the Spirit.  We have to listen.  We have to obey.  We accept repositioning when we get off the path.  We do all we can to stay on the correct path.  AND THEN WE ARRIVE, SAFELY & HAPPILY !

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