Saturday, May 16, 2015


Every other month we have a senior dinner at the mission home.  This is such an uplifting and supportive experience with these wonderful people.  We (Christensens) took the pictures as we are the newest kids on the block and will be here after the above missionaries leave.  One office couple, and one senior sister couple were unable to attend. 

Three of these couples will be leaving before the end of June, and WON'T BE REPLACED even though they are desperately needed.

In our mission right now, we have the President and his wife, two MLS couples, 1 Senior Sister Companionship that work in the office, and one Senior Sister Companionship that are WAS (Women's Auxiliary Specialists) Missionaries, one Records Preservation Couple, one couple that work at the Naval Base on the North Shore, an Employment Specialist Couple, and 2 office couples (not in the picture.) 

We are losing the preservationists, the employment couple, and one couple of MLS Missionaries.  Anyone want to come out and take their place????? 

By the way - our main dish was fresh salmon.  A key lime pie and black forest cake were also there.

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