Sunday, May 17, 2015


Mentioned before on this blog is the creative way these missionaries use the uncomplimentary play, "THE BOOK OF MORMON" as a tool to help change our image.  They stand outside the play and offer the real Book of Mormon to those interested. 

 Our missionaries are encouraged to be creative in finding those who want to come to Christ. 

One day a FREE carwash brought people to our stake center.  They were given a tour of our building and of course, a message about the Gospel while their car was being washed.

Service, such as yard work, moving furniture for people, etc., is often rendered in order to meet people who might be interested.  Offers to provide help with family history is another tactic.  Various kinds of service is done at homeless shelters, and food pantries. 

Our missionaries do a lot of work with those who haven't been to church for some time.  Several times this has ended up with not only reactivation, but new members. 

Pass along cards go out of our office by the hundreds, as well as Books of Mormon. 

Right now, in study time, we are reading Isaiah in 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon.  The prophesies have come to mean so much more to us, as we feel like we are a tiny, tiny part of the fulfillment of those prophesies.  The exciting part is that we are coming to realize we have been doing our part in fulfilling the prophesies of Isaiah throughout our lives, as have all the members of our Church. We are part of the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant...and so are you.  It took our mission for us to begin to understand this better. 

Even though there are times of discouragement, homesickness, anguish at some of the things we see, worry, and frustration - we LOVE OUR MISSION.  In spite of these things, our mission is mostly WONDERFUL and when we start to think it might not be, HEAVENLY FATHER blesses us with another abundance of tender mercies and we are so grateful we are HERE. 

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