Thursday, May 7, 2015


- - - - - ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE - - - - -

That's what we've been doing.

Sister Last, newest member of the Office Staff.  She will be
in charge of Referrals and keeping the supply shelves
organized and ordering supplies.  Well we won't need
to order pamphlets and etc. for a very long time.
The supply on the shelves are endless and
so is her energy.

Another member of the Mission Office is Sister White.
She is in charge of I-pads and luncheon coordinator.
She's a great cook.  Her first luncheon was the Transfer Lunch
and it was a Huge Success !!

Sister Atkinson organizing the supply shelves.
Sister Atkinson is the Mission nurse but enjoys organizing
the supplies.
Sister Christensen also enjoys organizing the office.

With the help of the AP's, they moved the
refrigerator in the closet to make it easier
to get into. 
Elder Eicher is a great help in the office
when we need things moved.

And his companion, Elder Zacher is also
helpful in moving things.
We really enjoy the AP's when they come
into the office.

Sister Atkinson doing her favorite thing,
organizing the pens, pencils, paper clips and
etc.  She could hardly wait for the signal.

Hurry, hurry ......
Sister Last is sorting pamphlets -
which should last until . . . .
Either Sister Christensen is wondering what to do,
or she is done cleaning the President's office,
but whatever, her face shows how she feels.
* * *
Everyone is rushing and rushing around to
get the office organized and ready for work.
We really appreciate everyone's willingness to
"whip" the office in shape. 
Sister Christensen and others are also cleaning
and organizing the President's office.
By Monday morning, the 11th, everything
should be organized just waiting for us all
to come into the Office and enjoy our
Mission Service.
We do enjoy serving in the Mission Office. 
The spirit of the office, peace & calmness abides
and everyone coming there feels this special spirit.
We are grateful to have the missionaries stop by and
also the President.
We are grateful to be serving in the Lord's Church and
on this mission, the Illinois Chicago Mission ! ! !

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