Thursday, June 11, 2015


We put a lot on the blog today. 
If you are interested in the pix of missionaries at transfers......
scroll down a bit for lots of pictures. 

Some people count time by days, or minutes, or weeks, or years.  Missionaries count time by TRANSFERS. 
There are six weeks between transfers. There are 10 transfers a year.
We are two weeks before transfers, one week after, 
or maybe relaxing because transfers are five weeks away.
Also, we know how long a missionary has served by how many transfers they have served.  We have served three transfers.

Also, we have a lot of babies, dads and moms, grandpas and grandmas, and even uncles and aunts among our missionaries.

Babies = new missionaries
Dads & Moms = trainers of new missionaries
Grandpa's & Grandma's = the person who trained your trainer. 
We have seen a picture of ten young men who were all related to an individual missionary.

We are finally getting used to being introduced to a "Dad" or "Mom" that is younger than their child.  Let's not go into grandparents.

Missionaries are "born" in their first area, and "die" in their last area.  Some missionaries have even been "killed off" by some of their favorite companions.  Some missionaries have killed several companions. 

Such is the language of our mission.

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