Sunday, June 21, 2015


. .  Buy me some popcorn and crackerjacks . . .

Saturday the 20th was our "P" Day.  The Mission Office missionaries were invited as "guests" to the VIP Deluxe Suite for the Chicago White Sox baseball game.  We were just above home plate.

We were first given White Sox hats with our tickets.

So we modeled the hats to show them off.

Then the View.
This is the view from the Suite. 
Wow, it was great and we had lots of fun!

We also had our pictures taken,

And looked down on the field before the game started.

The Suite consisted of a counter loaded with sandwiches, salads, chips, and drinks. 

On the other side of the room were warming ovens of hot dogs, wings, cheese for natchos and chili for chips and hot dogs. 

We were treated like "kings and queens".  

We just ate and ate and also watched the game. 


       Saving the best for last, was the Dessert Cart
It was LOADED with all sorts of desserts imaginable. 
Creamy Chocolate Cake, all flavors of Cheese Cakes, Deluxe Brownies, Carmel and Candy Stuffed Apples and famous Garrett's Popcorn and to top it all off, delicious Ice Cream.

Following the game we all "Waddled" to the Transfer Van and headed back home.  I was elected to drive the van back home.  Well with 40,000 people leaving the Stadium it was an exciting ride and then onto the freeway it was bumper to bumper traffic the whole way.  Didn't mind the traffic because we had great conversation inside the van and we arrived home safely after a Fun Outing on another "P" Day in the Illinois Chicago Mission.

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