Saturday, June 6, 2015

TRANSFERS ARE HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRANSFERS ARE HARD - especially when you have enjoyed knowing the missionaries in your area.

A change in AP's.  Two stay and one goes.    The one on your right has been here the longest, so he will go back out in the field.  The one in the middles will stay with the Elder who has been here the shortest time. 

 These three are great young men - obedient - good leaders - hard workers - and fun to be around.  Of course they all have a strong testimony of what they are doing here. They bring people to Christ and
which makes those people happier....and makes their Heavenly Father happy. 

More Transfer News....

At our apartment for dinner.  Just got the word.  Three are staying.  So glad.  The District Leader (in the back) in this group will become a Zone Leader.  The young man on the right will become the District Leader.  We love all four. 


  1. Ahh. I know Elder E. is going to be sad to leave you sweet office friends! Thanks for watching out for him! Six weeks until cute Elder E is home!!!!

  2. I was wondering who would get transferred. Looks like my son is staying!