Sunday, July 12, 2015


We got permission to spend one night out of our mission in Cedarburg near Milwaukee - checking in with our President as we returned 24 hours after we left. (Seniors definitely have less restrictions). My sister was staying at her son's home with her grands while her son and daughter-in-law we at a medical conference.  So good to see her.  We talked, and walked forest trails, and talked and watched fireflies, and talked and visited with her grands, and talked and examined her daughter-in-law's most interesting house, and talked and visited shops in downtown Cedarburg, and talked as only two old ladies can about families, books, religion, home décor, likes, dislikes, dreams, expectations, and especially about gratitude. 

Below - two pix of the home we stayed in.

Note the barn door.  Slide it over the mirrors to reveal the closet.

As was said - a most interesting house. 
The front entry, and a fascinating bookcase.
The house sits on five acres in a forest setting - amazing.

Of course Wisconsin is famous for it's cheese,
which means it is famous for it's dairy farms.
Old barns take you back to your childhood -
in some cases.

The scenery in Wisconsin - the part we saw -
is packed with foliage and farms - and is beautiful.
To us, it was reminiscent of the Tillamook area of Oregon.

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