Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Twice a year the Sisters participate in an all day leadership meeting. 
This includes a speaker, several classes on missionary subjects
and a nice lunch all built around a theme. 
This year's theme was
The speaker was Sister Woodbury
and she challenged the missionaries to STRIVE
to incorporate the characteristics of Christ (Young Women's Values)
into their lives as missionaries.
She talked about changes in church leadership that will give women
more voice in the counsels of the church.
The Elders will probably have a half day Leadership Meeting. 
Good speakers, good testimonies, but no lunch, no theme, no decorations.  
(Is there an unwritten rule in the church about
the differences between men and women's meetings?)

The sisters number about 50 - down from more than 80
at the last meeting in February.
The "wave" came and went so we have fewer missionaries now. 
Total is down to about 160, but we will get 25 new missionaries
and send home 12 at the next transfer.

Meetings are about ready to start - at our Stake Center in Willmette.

More of our cute sisters.

Missionaries were given different value colored stickers to
determine the order of classes they would participate in.

In one class, improving companionships was discussed.
The object lesson included the companions doing a three legged race
with no communication between them, and their ankles tied together. 
When they were allowed to communicate before the second race,
they were all much faster - with no tripping.

Lunch was great with good veggie salad, Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza,
 bread sticks and ice cream.
The menu and all other plans were made by our group of
Sister Trainer Leaders under the direction of Sister Woodbury.
(Sister Trainer Leaders have the function similar to Zone Leaders.)

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