Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sister Christensen keeps track of all that needs to be done for each missionary going home;  things such as ordering itineraries, preparing booklets, notifying parents, preparing departure packets, etc.

She also keeps track of all the missionaries that are arriving;
things such as providing itineraries for the President and APs,
preparing information, making up file folders for the mission home and office, making board cards (see post index for board cards),
 notifying parents of arrivals, etc.
Since Sister Christensen works with the files from the time the missionary receives his/her call, it is exciting and fun to see the new
missionaries for the first time. 
Some look just like their picture.  Some do not!
The picture is submitted by the missionary at the time of application for a mission.  One Elder, with a rather distorted picture said that if he
had know his picture would follow him throughout his mission, he would have tried a little harder to get a good picture.  Ha.
The pictures are used in the files, on board cards, and anytime lists are printed from IMOS.  (See post index for what IMOS is)

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