Monday, September 14, 2015


What a spiritual week we had last week; the week of Zone Conferences.
Four days in a row we traveled from one end of the mission to the other,
going to four Zone Conferences.  

We loved seeing all the missionaries, 
but especially we enjoyed the tremendous teaching that was done
at these Conferences.
Although the same subject matter was covered each day, it was surprising to
see how God tailored through inspiration each conference to the particular
missionaries serving in that area.
Some of the key points:
> Teach like the Savior (presented by Sister Woodbury)
> Finding (presented by various Sister Trainer Leaders)
>Reminders (from the office staff)
> A Mighty Change of Heart (by the President, APs, and Zone Leaders
Some things we learned and were reminded of about a "mighty change of heart":
- Involves repenting of sin
-Involves accepting our weaknesses and turning them over to Christ to help us overcome
-Involves the realization that this change is gradual
- Involves working toward 'no more desire to do evil'
- Involves giving our weaknesses to Christ
- Occasionally involves a jump start (Alma the Younger) 
Sometimes involves steady change over time (Lehi) 
- Involves a soft heart which turns outward toward others
- Involves a heart that sees the tender mercies
-Involves reliance on Christ to change us
- Involves the promises and covenants we make with God
We were asked to examine the condition of our hearts; a very sobering task
that brings us closer to God and Christ
and makes the Holy Ghost more available to us.
As said before - we loved seeing all the missionaries.

And last, but not least........the Office Staff with the
President and his wife and the APs.

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