Monday, October 26, 2015


Our ward had their Halloween Party on Saturday Night.
It was great. 
The usual - fish pond, cake walk, crafts, games,
costume parade - and of course - trick or treating from
door to door.
One of the most fun things at the party were our primary children all dressed up.
Too bad we didn't feel good about blogging our little darlings.
But we love these two.  They are the Elders in our ward.
Our ward mission leader came with costumes for both
of them, and decorated a treat door for them to man.
One of these two was born in the Marshall Islands,
but came from Hawaii.  I wonder if their mothers
recognize them?  Ha ha 

Our darling sister missionaries.  They have been in our ward
three weeks, and have made a big impact already.
One of these two was born in Nepal, lived in a refugee camp
 and has been in the U.S. only three years. 

Here is our Elders with 1.) an investigator, and 2.)
a lady who has been a member three weeks.  She was
Baptized in Idaho then visited here with a family member
who was attending school.  She spent a lot of spare time
teaching with the missionaries.  She LOVES her new church.
As we write this, she is on her way back to China.

We got very original and dressed ourselves as missionaries. 
Whoops - can't see our tags.
The candy at our door disappeared fast as we have lots
of children in our primary - over 100.  9 of them are
in our sunbeam class.

My childhood hero was Zorro -
so I couldn't miss this opportunity.
"Who is that masked stranger?"

Our four missionaries and our terrific Ward Mission Leader.

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