Sunday, November 22, 2015


Chicago and suburbs got clobbered with snow on
Friday night and all day Saturday. 
I learned this was the most snow Chicago has seen in
November since 100 years ago. 
And We Were Here To Experience It  ! !

We stepped outside our apartment complex to visit with
the Senior Sisters across the courtyard
and we needed to Bundle up for it was Cold and Blowing,
but we are ready.


It stopped snowing in the evening after the
sun went down, so I decided to take "night"
pictures of the snow.

More snow pictures looking out onto
our courtyard

The snow looked so pretty as it caught the
edges of our fence.  Again this is taken after
the sun went down and it was Very Cold

I opened our sliding door and found all sorts of
prints in the snow made by various animals.

We have squirrels.   We have peanuts in the shell
we throw out to them in the mornings.
So fun to watch them scurry up the screen of
our sliding door and begging. 

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