Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Tonight Sister Christensen and I attended the Wilmette Interfaith Religious Leaders Thanksgiving Service held at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Wilmette.

This Catholic Church is in the middle of the village of Wilmette
 with houses on either side and landscaped very beautifully.
The inside of the Church is massive and beautiful with wood benches (pews) and lots of statutes and art work and candles.  The
church holds approximately 200 people.
In the back of the Church is the Choir Loft with a large and beautiful pipe organ. 
We arrived before the service began and listened to the choir
practicing with the pipe organ.

It was just beautiful.

The Theme of this Thanksgiving Service:
Our common beliefs are far more important than our differences.
Program shown above.  All Faiths participated in the
Thanksgiving Prayer Service.
The Program was Enjoyable and Spiritual
The Faith Communities listed above
make up the Interfaith Religious Programs

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