Sunday, December 20, 2015


(All this happens in the week and a half before Christmas.)
By Zone, the missionaries attend the temple
(to their joy and excitement)
 in the morning or afternoon. 
Then they have a delicious ham dinner(lunch)
 at the Mission Home and a meeting.
At the meeting, white elephant gifts are exchanged.
Instruction in the new  church wide
"Just Serve" initiative is given.
After words of love and encouragement
 from the President and Sister Woodbury,
a testimony meeting is held.

Above two pictures are of the Willmette East Zone at the Temple
in the morning, while another zone is at the mission home.
The office staff helps Julie (a PFR employee) get ready for
two dinners (lunches) of ham, potatoes, salad, rolls, veggie,
and cookies.  These two dinners are back to back between
11:30 and 1:00 on one of four days.  Two of eight zones
each day celebrate, with temple attendance
in the morning or afternoon and mission home meetings
in the morning or afternoon.

Above, the Willmette Spanish Zone have their meeting and 
mission home dinner while the other Zone is at the temple.

A good view of the Mission Home family room
from the kitchen.  The dining room is the room just
visible to the right.  
As at home, the real celebration of Christmas
happens in the individual heart
as we become more aware of the gift
given us from Christ when he chose to
come to the earth, grow from grace to grace,
line upon line, precept upon precept,
and eventually give his life that we
might be resurrected and atone for our sins.

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