Sunday, December 6, 2015


We post a lot about our "P" day activities,
but lest you think we are vacationing out here,
just know that we are constantly trying to find ways
of bringing souls to Christ.
Yesterday, we met several very nice people as we went
downtown - some who helped us find our way to the
Christkindlmarket.  Our badges tell them who we are.
We hope a tiny seed was planted.  We hope we are
planting seeds wherever we go, and we hope they are
good seeds.
But is this any different than when we are home?  We
are all planting seeds all the time wherever we go.....
we just become more aware when we are on a mission
with a badge proclaiming who we are.
We love our office work,
and feel it is the Lord's work.
But we also love participating in the church
and in the community,
hoping we continually set a good example.
In Costco, as we walked hand in hand,
a lady stopped us and told us how "sweet"
it was to see us "holding hands." 
She saw our missionary badges.
Hopefully we planted another seed.

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