Sunday, December 13, 2015


Yes, it is a real live camel.
Yes, it is in a church.
 (The "Home Alone" church)
Yes, there were wise men with it.
Yes, it is about 8 feet from us.
Yes..the pooper scooper went up and down the isle twice.
but who cares. 
When you go to a LIVE Nativity, what do you expect.
Tonight we went to a live nativity at the Home Alone Church
in our area.
We watched an intergenerational and live animal nativity.
The annunciation angel was played by a 98 year old lady.
The baby Jesus was played by a 6 mo. old baby.
When Mary and Joseph came up the isle (to Bethlehem)
they were with their live donkey.
When the shepherds came in, they came not only with
their stuffed sheep toys, but with
four live sheep on leashes. 
A beautiful star appeared on the front wall of the church.
Then in came three regal wise men -
followed by their live camel.
Between each of these scenes, the audience sang appropriate
Christmas songs with all our hearts.
After, we fellowshipped over cookies and punch.
We sat by a friendly couple who are here from England for a month.
So not only did we see the LIVE nativity, but we have new friends.

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