Thursday, January 28, 2016


The smallest units in the mission are companionships.
3-4 Companionships make up a district.
One of the Elders is always the District Leader,
an assignment made by the President.

The District Leader is in charge of District Meeting
every Wednesday morning.
This Wednesday we attended a district meeting with
the missionaries who serve in the two wards
that meet in our building.

Besides taking a District Picture (Most Important !!!),
the District Leader is in charge of "charging up" the
missionaries for the coming week.

Often the district leader has one or more missionaries
help with presentations.
After the above demonstration on faith,
we were asked have enough faith to be obedient.
On a piece of paper, we each listed one
action we wanted to leave behind at the meeting
so we would be more obedient. 
We then tore up the paper, and put it in the garbage,
leaving that piece of disobedience behind.

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