Monday, January 4, 2016


These six missionaries arrived today. 
Three English Speaking Elders and
three Hermanas (Spanish Speaking Sisters)
The schedule for new missionaries
is elsewhere on this blog.
Lots of pix to follow.

At the bean.

A zone leader and a new missionary.

New Hermana through the gate from the train.

Another new Hermana and an STL (Sister Trainer Leader)

The three Hermanas.  Someone coming in the back door is
excited to see these new missionaries.

New missionary and already a letter!

Three Elders.

Chicago Pizza for their first meal.

When we arrived in the mission field, we had over 200 young missionaries.
Our compliment has decreased by about one-fourth and we are
close to 150.  We will eventually go down to about 140 as
we have no new missionaries coming in the next transfer.

The wave hit, splashed, and is gone.  Most missions in the church
are dealing with a decrease in the size of their compliment.
This includes Seniors.  Now that we have been here,
we realize that the "need for seniors" is very real. 

Seniors:  Don't be afraid to ask the Lord if you
are needed in the mission field -
and don't be afraid of a mission. 
The blessings are amazing. 

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