Saturday, January 16, 2016


Below -
a former Senior Missionary returns, to our delight.

Another Senior Party, and we are GROWING!

It may be that our young missionary compliment is reducing in size,
but our Senior Missionary Compliment is INCREASING, fast!

So Wonderful.

We are now comprised of:
The President and Wife
4 Women's Auxiliary Missionaries
 1 and soon to be two Member Leadership Specialist Couples
1 Military Specialist Couple
1 Employment Specialist Couple
1 Record Filming Couple
Office Secretary
Referral Secretary
IPad Secretary
Housing/Finance Coordinator
The Car Czar
1 Health Specialist

We hail from California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho,
Washington, Illinois, and many from Utah.

And we love each other and appreciate
the work we each do.

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