Sunday, January 24, 2016


Seniors on the back row ---- as usual.

In our places early, preparing ourselves
to be open to the truths we will be taught.
On January 20th, we had the privilege of attending a
Worldwide Missionary Training Broadcast
in our Stake Center with the above
wonderful missionaries.
75,000 missionaries throughout the world would hear
the same broadcast as close to the same time as
We were addressed by Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar,
 Elder Anderson, Sister Oscarson, Elder Clayton,
Elder Nielson and Bishop Waddell.
We were reminded of our responsibilities as missionaries,
and given many ways to accomplish our calls. This
was done through talks, and videos of a panel of
missionaries being taught by some of the
above great leaders. 
The obvious huge amount of preparation indicates how our
leaders want to help our missionaries spread
the word of Christ, and his Gospel, so that
others in the world can have the benefits
and happiness that we have in our church.
We felt privileged to attend this
First Worldwide Missionary Broadcast.
It is always an uplifting experience to hear
such learned and spiritual leaders
bear testimony of the truths of God.

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