Tuesday, March 29, 2016



As mentioned before, the smallest groups in our mission
are Districts.  There is usually 6-8 missionaries in a
district with a District Leader.  We actually belong to
a District.  District Meetings are held every Wednesday
morning where teaching and planning takes place.
This is our District.  The second Elder in is the DL.
We planned a "finding" activity.
At a train stop, a table was set up containing
Books of Mormon and pamphlets.
Also, included, was Family History Materials.
People were stopped and asked if they would add
a family member to the Family Tree above -
which usually led to discussions - often times about
our church and our belief about families.
These activities usually produce a few people who
are interested enough to have the missionaries
visit them to explain our church further. 
This Activity was a service project.
The missionaries do about 10 hours
of service a week.

Our mission has a storage unit for unused
apartment furnishings.  This district chose
to clean and organize our unit -
to Elder Christensen's delight.

Of course, lunch was part of the activity.

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