Sunday, March 13, 2016


At Elders' Specialized Training,
the lunch song is sung.

Last week two separate Elders Specialized Training conferences were held, one in the Wilmette Stake Center and one in the Pulaski Building

President and Sister Woodbury, the AP's and  the Zone Leaders all instructed us regarding:

·        Dress and grooming

·        Priesthood duties (baptism, confirmation, blessings, blessing of apartments, etc.)

·        Distractions (thinking about home, getting up in the morning, going to bed, Facebook, worldly distractions, searching internet to name a few)

·        Stepping up - Heavenly Father wants our hearts
·        Companionships
·                1. Satan wants us to have contention with one another.
·                2. Strive to bring out the best in each another
·        We can be humble or proud

·        Trying not to get overbooked

·        Act professionally with the Sister missionaries

·        The President, ZL, AP's, DL's are all called by God    
          It was a very spiritual meeting.  Grateful I was able to attend.

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