Sunday, March 20, 2016


Since our Sunday meetings end at noon,
This allows us to drive around the country side
And look at the scenery,
Large mansions,
And always Lake Michigan. 
Today The Lake was really beautiful.

Slight waves rolling into shore.  It was a bit cold but always
enjoy seeing The Lake,
especially on the first day of Spring.

It's almost impossible to see where the lake ends
and the sky begins.
Today was a day of the many colors of blue.

Our life here is like the ripples in the Lake.
Sometimes we have smooth sailing and
things are going along fine and sometimes
ripples come along to stir up the water.
Eventually, with God's help, the ripples
calm down and life again moves along,
sometimes slowly, but still moving on towards
God's plan on earth.

Our mission here in the Illinois Chicago Mission
is sometimes like the waves of the Lake.
Sometimes service in the Office just moves along
quietly and smooth without a care in the world.
The work gets done.  The rent is paid for the
apartments; the gas and electricity is working
nicely and everyone is happy.
Then sometimes in the middle of the night calls
come into my phone "I am locked out of my
apartment.  Do you have an extra key" or
"the electricity just went off in our apartment,
what should we do".

All the problems get solved and like the
waves of The Lake, the water slowly
becomes smooth and beautiful.

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