Tuesday, April 5, 2016


This last transfer, we have met with our district a lot.

We've had some great meetings, and learned a lot.

They enthuse and encourage and cheer for each other.

They give and accept advice from each other.

After our last district meeting before transfers,
we went to lunch with permission from the President.
This was given after a GREAT finding activity.

At each district meeting on Wednesday mornings,
we do the following:
Recite the Purpose, Scripture, Mission Vision & JS 1st Vision
We discuss miracle or great moments from the past week.
We discuss difficulties that we can help each other with.
We have positive and spiritual lessons, discussion, or presentations.
We end with a song
and kneeling prayer.
Then - we often take pictures and laugh a lot.

We feel so blessed to join in these meetings with these great missionaries.

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