Thursday, May 12, 2016


Sister Medina,
our new Referral and Baptism Secretary,
wrote the following poem
which expresses our feelings
about Chicago
in the Spring.
Chicago is Beautiful in the Spring

Chicago is beautiful in the spring.

Red, yellow, purple tulips adorn the city.

Multicolored kites fly with wings.     


The gentle breeze on a sunny day

touches my soul with a soft caress,

While with a grateful heart I silently pray.


Majestic tall trees touch, embrace

And wrap their arms

As the green canopy welcomes

Happy travelers like a lover’s charm.


Birds sing their joyful song.

For the winter was cold and long.

I soak in the sights and sounds

Of the memories that will cling,

For Chicago is beautiful in the spring.

May 8, 2016- Chicago, Illinois

Vicki Medina

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