Monday, May 9, 2016


We have been so happy to welcome this couple to our office part time.
Elder and Sister Crofts were called to be Employment Center Missionaries.
However, they have also accepted the responsibility of being the Fleet Manager
and Health Coordinator - thus doing double duty. 
They spend two days a week in the employment office close to downtown
Chicago.  They spend three days a week in our office which is 20 miles out of Chicago,
 taking the place of the Atkinsons as directors of cars and health.
From where they live in Chicago, it takes them an hour to get to either the
employment office or our office each day -
 except when the traffic is bad,then it takes longer.
We ALL love the Crofts, and did so as soon as we met them
when they arrived at Christmas (the day before to be exact).

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