Saturday, May 21, 2016


We had no idea the extent of the rules and guidelines
 for young (and old) missionaries.
Above, the APs help us put together binders
that will stay in each apartment.
The missionaries are asked to
review what is in the "white" binder during study times.
Some of the items discussed in the binders - and dropped to their iPads:
Car care, upkeep, and rules
Apartment care, upkeep, and rules and reminders,
Health issues,
MSF Cards (Missionary Support Fund)-
 including admonitions and budgeting ideas
Holiday Rules
Skype and Email Rules
Mail directives
iPad Rules
Study Schedules
and much, much more.
Just as these young people graduate from High Schoool,
and gain a modicum of independence,
they choose to go on a mission where an extremely structured life
is the norm. 
What a challenge.....but so many blessings for obedience for
the remainder of their lives.

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