Sunday, May 29, 2016


We have had a busy and exciting week,
the activities of which will continue through
Tuesday of next week.
It has been the week of Zone Temple Meetings.
We have six zones in our mission.
Four zones are English speaking, and two zones are Spanish speaking.
Including a week ago Friday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and next Tuesday, our Zone Meetings are as follows:
Be at the beautiful Chicago Temple by 8:30
Attend the 9:00 Session
Participate in and watch sealings  in the temple
Pictures outside.
Lunch at the mission home
A meeting wherein principles of temple worship
are discussed and testimonies are born.
As a senior couple, we have been able to participate in many ways. 
We have helped make cookies and salads, have prepared and served
lunches at the Mission Home, enjoyed (VERY MUCH) the company
of our missionaries including the senior missionaries,
managed the office while others participated,
taken lots of pictures,
solved problems in the background,
and best of all..........
attended the temple with one of the zones
and had sealings done for ancestors by the missionaries.

Our young and senior missionaries are thrilled
to have this opportunity to
attend the temple with each other and
our  Mission President and his wife.
It is a time to review and remember how much our
Heavenly Father loves each of his children individually,
those in this world and on the other side,
and provides them a way to return to Him
and dwell with Him and our families
This has been a spiritual
and a social highlight of our mission.   
Sorting pictures to add to this post was difficult to say the least.
Following are many, many pictures, with more to follow after
Tuesday.  Hope you find someone in these pictures you know.
One of our Spanish zones.

Waiting for lunch.


Hermanas from a Spanish Zone

English Zone this time.

Handsome dudes - whoops -

You can see why it takes awhile to get good pictures.

Our missionaries are very helpful.

Anytime a camera pops out - our missionaries POSE !
Picnic food:  Chicago Dawgs, Hamburgers,
Potato Salad, all the trimmings,
and cookies.


Another English Zone -----

including a selfie.

Hey Elders  - one hot dog and one hamburger each!
Is that the Christensen's District Leader we see at the front?
One, two

three - go!

High up......

and down low.



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