Sunday, July 10, 2016


WARNING:  The following post has nothing to do
with our mission. It has to do with Beautiful Nauvoo
where we stayed recently for two nights, as
do many of the senior couples in missions nearby.

Aunt and Uncle Sandwich.  Elder C's Nephew and family
are in the pageant at Nauvoo. Seeing them was
the highlight of our experience.  Above, we are posing
with them, and the Aunt and Uncle of the wife who
are serving in Nauvoo.
So Fun.

Cute pioneer family.  They applied to be
in the pageant, and arrived in Nauvoo to start
learning to be extras.  They will practice
and be in the finale for a week. 
Then they will be the extras for another week.
They also help with pre-pageant activities.
What a great family experience.


Glad to see our nephew and his family.  Love the
pageant crowd in the background.
The Nauvoo Pageant
The British Pageant
on consecutive nights were glorious.

Additional adventures.

King Follet's Well.
A memorial built by missionaries.

Beautiful, serene, and peaceful.  Nauvoo

Loved the family living center
demonstrating skills of the pioneers.
 Hope to try making a rug like this.

This bed would get made in
the mornings, then folded up
to make more space for spinning
and weaving and whatnot.

The Cromptons.
These two ancestors were endowed
in the rush of endowments at the
Nauvoo temple before the exodus.
Their names appear on this memorial
because they died while crossing the
plains.  Four Thousand names appear
in this memorial.

This wagon is place near the end of the
Trail of Hope.
The hope of our ancestors brought us to where
we are today.
A roster in the Seventy's Hall lists
two ancestors, father and son Crompton,
who were Seventies in Nauvoo.

The room above the "red brick store".

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