Monday, July 4, 2016


We are done being primary teachers.
Sad, because we loved it, loved the children. 
We learned a lot and felt very appreciated by the primary
and our children.
So last Sunday, we went to church in a school building rented
for Sundays where four units of the stake meet;
two wards, and two branches. 
The branches are a YSA and an SA branch.
We never get tired of seeing this fabulous skyline
 as we drive toward Chicago.

The Newberry School Building rented by the church for Sundays.

Just a few blocks from the school is the site
where the church is building an office/meeting house building.
It will house offices and can house 6 units.
It will replace this rental,
replace a rented office building,
and add more space for growth.
Something very unusual for Chicago -
parking will be included in the building.
What a luxury.

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