Tuesday, July 12, 2016


 by......someone we love a lot.
“Utah Ho!  Sandy bound!  Can’t keep the Christensen’s around

‘Amazing grace, how the sweet the sound’

A job well done! Proclaim it round!


18 Months in the Windy City, 18 months of time well spent

200 pages of journal to represent The fun, the love and good intent

Of a dynamic pair with toil and sweat

Working for fellow man’s benefit


With love of God they’ve served quite well

Angel witnesses can tell, a faithful record they have kept

Of what the Lord with love accepts.


Like pioneers of yore, they yolk together with one more in tow:

Andrew whom they’ve known before, the grandson come to help them tour.

They pack up the baby blue Highlander and with tender feelings depart.

Happy to be moving on but sad to leave in part.


A modern Liahona will guide them home, horsepower to pull their car

They’ll have potato ‘stead of buffalo chips, feather pillows with no tar.

Bathroom breaks and sights to see but oh don’t get me wrong.

Despite the change in the terrain these folks are still quite strong.


Futuristic pioneers in this world so sick with sin.

Humbly doing what they can to usher our dear Lord in.

Missions past and present served with faith and love and grit.

New beginnings in store from them now, these beloved Christensen’s.


Hearts they’ve touched on Chicago grounds as well as other places.

Several are fond of Carolyn and Von’s sweet, smiling faces.

Their shoulders they’ve put to the wheel and pushed along with grace.

If it weren’t for eternal life, I’d say “Rest in Peace”.

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