Monday, May 12, 2014

Lettuce Planted, Covered and General Cleanup

After planting the Lettuce, the boxes are covered
to protect the new plants from the birds.
These coverings called "frost blankets"are draped
over wires called "wickets".  The film is
secured with clips to prevent the film
coming in contact with the new plants
and to protect the new plants.

 General cleanup includes stacking the numerous buckets
used for weeding and carrying produce.
Our field has a water problem.  This area of the field is
lower and water has been collecting.  This missionary
is accessing the situation in hopes of remedying the
problem at hand.  The white pipe in the picture
carries water to the field.  The pipe has small openings
for the water to run down designated furrows.  The
furrows have not yet been made.

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