Monday, May 19, 2014

Plants, Planting and Rebar

The above is a picture of the grow boxes
and field in the background.  I used this
photo to show the area we are planting.

The above is a grid inside the shed to show
which vegetables and date planted are
in each box.  The "x" indicates whether
weed block is covering the box.

There are 32 grow boxes and most of
them are planted.  We still have a few
boxes waiting until the weather is warmer
so we can plant.
Above is the "hardening off" shelves.  Plants
from the greenhouse are moved outside for
3-4 days before planting to adjust to the
the outside climate.  A watering system has
been installed above the shelf to keep the
plants from drying out.
In addition to growing vegetables, flowers
are added to give beauty for everyone
who might come to the farm to volunteer.

Rebar is added to grow boxes for the
cucumbers, zucchini and summer
squash to climb on.  This rebar has been
shaped to stand alone with a bar
on top to promote stability.

Volunteers planted over 300 pepper plants.
We are using "tomato" cages for the peppers
to climb on and to keep from laying down
on the weed block.  This will enable us
to harvest the peppers easier.

Another view of the rows and rows
of peppers.  We planted Anaheim, Jalapeno, Bell
and Sweet Peppers.

This is another view of the grow boxes
of peppers.  Remember each box is 5.5 feet
wide and 86 feet long.

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