Sunday, May 25, 2014

Positioning Posts for Tomatoes - Planting Tomatoes - Lots of Rain - Weeding

Posts are driven into the ground and string is
woven around the posts to hold the tomato

As the tomato plants grow taller, the string is again 
woven in and around the posts to hold the
plants.  The tomato plants are held in place
with this string and is easier to pick the tomatoes
at harvest time.

The tomato plants are positioned one foot
from each other.  In this picture you can
see the string (orange) used to hold up
the plants.

Another picture of the posts and string
holding the tomatoes.  We used this
method last year and it was very

The corn is coming up nicely and so are
the weeds.  We had lots of volunteers
helping to weed in the new corn field.
  When the corn grows about one foot high, 
then we will plant soybean as a ground cover 
to help control the weeds.  We have never 
planted soybean, so this will be an experiment.

This is a back tiring task of weeding in
the corn rows.  Later on weeding tools
will be used to eliminate the bending over.

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