Sunday, June 1, 2014

Planting, Planting and Weeding

Carrots are coming up nicely, however so
are the weeds.  Volunteers are needed to
pull the weeds and leave the carrots.  Some-
times they both look alike.

We really appreciate our numerous volunteers
that come to help on the farm each night.
Right now the carrots are being weeded.
We do have one grow box with weed cloth
under the carrots, hence, no weeding.

Weeding carrots or any plant in the grow box
that doesn't have weed cloth is hard; crawling
on knees and making the decision - weed or
plant.  The first weeding of carrots is critical.

Our celery is doing nicely.  This celery was
actually planted last year and "wintered over".
Celery likes the cool weather.

Prior to planting tomatoes in the field, T bars
are pounded in the ground and twine is woven
in and around the bars.  This twine will keep the
tomatoes from falling down thus making it
easier to harvest.  

     A closeup view of our tomato plants.                   

Lots of volunteers were needed in the process
to pound all the T bars into the ground and then
weave the twine.  The volunteers above are planting
the tomatoes which are spaced about 2 feet apart.
As the tomatoes grow, we will add more twine to give
the support to the plants.

Our Greenhouse is still full with plants.  These
plants are healthy as our greenhouse is temperature
controlled.  We have fans blowing all the time to
strengthen the plants; exhaust fans to take out the excess
heat and a swamp cooler to help with cooling the greenhouse.
The greenhouse temperature is about 75 to 80 degrees
all the time.  An ideal setting for germinating the seeds to
produce beautiful plants.

The plants in the greenhouse are in various
stages.  We don't want to overload the
greenhouse and not be able to get the plants
out to the field or grow boxes.  Planning
is critical to keep the process 
running smooth.

Missionaries are planting pumpkin seeds for a
fall harvest in October.

Another view of the greenhouse and progress
of the plants.  Missionaries are in charge of
the greenhouse.

Missionaries are tying up the leaves surrounding
the cauliflower plant.  It is critical to shade the
cauliflower itself in order to keep it white.
We have already harvested 29 pounds of

Tomatoes were planted in the grow box on Saturday
May 31st.  We now have three grow boxes of tomato plants; 
one box has weed cloth and the other two boxes 
have saw dust applied on top of the ground and
around the plants to suppress the weeds and 
to keep the plants moist.  

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