Sunday, June 8, 2014


We added shade cloth to the tops of our washing
tables.  This will be nice for washing vegetables in
the summer and provide a lot of shade on hot
summer days.

Missionaries demonstrating the shaded 
washing stations.

All the vegetables are washed and put in
these white crates to be transported to the
Bishop's Storehouse nightly to ensure the best
possible produce harvested.  Today we harvested

Missionaries are sorting cauliflower prior to being
washed.  This is the earliest we have harvested 
in the two years prior.  We give credit to starting
the vegetables in the greenhouse before transplanting
to the grow boxes.

Another view of cauliflower being washed.  Note
everyone washing and handling the vegetables are
to wear "blue" gloves.

We are still weeding carrots.  We have two grow boxes
with carrots.  The boxes are 85' long and 5.5' wide
so we have a lot of carrots that need weeding.
We placed weed cloth on the other box of carrots
and when we plant carrots again in about 3 weeks
we will plant with the weed cloth to keep the weeds
from spreading and so the volunteers can help with
the field.


The above volunteers are weeding the corn.  After the
corn is weeded a pre-emergent will be applied to
keep the weeds from growing.  This has to be
applied after the corn is about 3-4 inches tall.

Another view of our grow boxes with tomatoes planted in the
foreground with sawdust surrounding the plants to keep the
weeds from growing.  In the rear is another view of the
carrots and lots and lots of volunteers helping with the farm.
We are grateful for all the volunteers that come to help.

A closer view of volunteers weeding the corn.  We
have beautiful corn growing this year.

Missionaries planting in the greenhouse.  We
are constantly planting to ensure a bountiful harvest
at the right time.  These missionaries are planting
celery and pumpkins.  Planting pumpkins now will
ensure they are ready to be harvested in October.

The peppers are growing nicely.  They have been in the ground about 2 weeks.  This year we planted Green Bell and Anaheim peppers.

On Saturday we planted Butternut and Spaghetti squash in the field.  These plants were grown in our greenhouse.  In the field we irrigate the vegetables.  In our grow boxes we use a drip system.

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