Sunday, June 29, 2014

. . . . . THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS . . . . . Rain, Planting and Harvesting

We really appreciate the volunteers that come to the farm 
and help with the work.  Without them the farm would not exist.  
So THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS in helping to make this farm a success.
Also the missionaries are much appreciated of giving their time and talents
to furthering this important service.
And as a matter of information, all the produce harvested is given to
the Bishop's Storehouse to help those in need.

This year we are trying to train our tomato plants to grow up rebar.  Our missionaries tie the tomatoes to the rebar using green vegetable velcro.  
Also, this year we are experimenting with several ways of training tomatoes.

Our peppers are growing nicely.  We will begin
harvest next week.

Crop #2 of lettuce.  We will harvest this crop
next week.

Last Thursday, June 26th, we had a downpour.
The work for that night was cancelled.

After the rain the whole farm took on a
beautiful look of fresh produce awaiting
to be harvested.

The missionaries, however, were unable to go out
and work as lightening was all around us.  Lucky we have a large shed we could be in and catch up on inside work, ie. planting in greenhouse and general cleanup.

On the last Thursday of each month the
missionaries have a pot luck party.  This
night was especially nice as we not only
started earlier, but the rain "cleaned" the air.

Another view of plants in grow boxes.  Peppers in the foreground,
then cabbage and broccoli, summer squash and lettuce.  The
newly planted lettuce is covered with "frost cloth" to keep the
birds from eating the seedlings.  This cloth will be removed
in about three weeks or so.

In the field this year we layed "weed block" on the
area where the cantaloupe will spread to grow.
This method will help with the weeding.

We are also laying down the "weed block" 
where the pumpkins will be planted.

Volunteers and missionaries are planting the small seedlings of lettuce 
for yet another crop of romaine lettuce.

Another view of planting the lettuce seedlings.
It's a process of being on knees and placing
seedlings in the holes on the weed block.

Missionaries and lots of volunteers are helping plant the pumpkins.  We are planting approximately 400 plants for harvest in the middle of October.

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