Friday, August 8, 2014

- - - HARVESTING - - -

The Harvest is in full swing.  We have harvested 6,827 pounds thus far.  We harvest approximately 1,200 lbs. each week.  Our volunteers have been Wonderful.  Following are pictures of our harvest and the multitude of volunteers !

We have had a multitude of VOLUNTEERS.  Some are harvesting, washing,
weeding, washing and weeding.  We appreciate all the help !!

We are still harvesting Purple cabbage. 
Everyone enjoys them.

 Our washing tables are Filled with folks washing up
the vegetables.  This harvest day was really
exciting.  We have about 75 volunteers.

Another washing table view.

 Before the carrots are washed, the tops need to be
pulled off.  Lots of carrots were harvested today.

 Volunteers are pulling cabbage.  We plants a lot
of cabbage for the Storehouse.  So far our harvest
has been over 1,200 lbs.

 I have probably posted this picture before, but
the cauliflower was beautiful.

 We are still tying the Summer Squash up to the rebar.
They look like Palm Trees here in Utah.

 This is our Zucchini.  It's a bit harder to get the zucchini
up the rebar, but we are persistent.

 Beautiful crops of cabbage, broccoli, and cabbage.

Carrots being harvested.  So far we have harvested over
600 pounds of carrots.  More is being planted for the fall. 

Romaine Lettuce.  So far this season we have harvested
over 1,300 pounds of lettuce.  When we take the lettuce
to the Storehouse, it is gone by the next day.  This
lettuce is very beautiful.

And finally, in the Greenhouse is corn awaiting for
transplanting out into the field.

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