Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Word For The Day Is ..... HARVEST

We had a great week of harvesting - bringing in 860 pounds !!

Each day we arrive at the Farm we harvest.  We are now in full swing of harvesting - compared to last year, the first harvest began in late August.

We have had Lots of volunteers helping at the Farm lately.  We really appreciate them and how much
enthusiasm and energy they bring to the farm.

Following are several pictures of the farm and how the crops are growing and the various volunteers helping us.

Our second crop of cauliflower is just beautiful !!
We are just beginning to harvest this crop. 

Tomatoes growing up rebar.  They are doing nicely.
There are lots of green tomatoes on the vines.

We have a "bad" crop of weeds and grass growing
among our corn.  We are grateful for lots and lots
of volunteers to help keep the weeds at bay.

This missionary is solely dedicated to spraying "roundup"
to help control the weeds.  We appreciate his dedicated

A closeup view of peppers.  They are just beginning to
be harvested.  We have hot and sweet peppers this year.

A view of pumpkins and squash.  But the
most important part of this picture is the
numerous amount of volunteers out
weeding in the field !

Another view of our peppers.

These onions and garlic were grown in the "demo garden".
We the  missionaries use this produce.

Another view of the onion and garlic harvested.

Another picture of the volunteers and missionaries
working side by side.

We also grew "purple" cabbage and took it
to the Storehouse.

A closeup of the onions and the first Spaghetti Squash
harvested.  This will be just the beginning of a bountiful
harvest of squash.

Two views of corn just picked from the field.  Saturday
we took 46 pounds of newly picked corn to the

Volunteers and missionaries picking peppers.  This
is a tedious job as the peppers are growing inside
the cages and are hard to see and pick.  
It just takes time.

More volunteers weeding in the field.  These pictures
show the expanse of the farm and  how well the
plants are growing and producing.

Carrots on the truck ready for transport to
the Bishop's Storehouse.

Cauliflower, cabbage, peppers are some
of the vegetables going to the Storehouse on

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