Saturday, July 19, 2014

1,762 pounds Harvest Past 2 Weeks ! ! !

The Harvest Is Now In Full Swing
Each day we arrive at the farm our first
order of business is the harvesting and washing
of the vegetables, load them into crates
for delivery to the Storehouse that day.
  Then as time permits and volunteers, we weed.

Our Summer Squash is tied up on rebar and they are beginning to look
like "palm trees".  The squash is easier to pick and the plants
grow better because all the nourishment isn't going to the big
leaves, but rather to the squash.

Romaine Lettuce in crates on the truck awaiting
shipping to the Storehouse.  So far this season
we have harvested 1,000 pounds of
Romaine Lettuce.

Last Saturday I chose to weed these squash
plants.  Note in the picture above all the weeds.
We marked the plants with sticks which were
sprayed "bright orange".  To the right
we placed weed block to help with the 
weed control.  It is working in this area.

The above picture shows all the weeds have
been pulled and now the plants can "breath" and
begin to grow.  For the present, we just throw
the weeds onto the weed block and let them
dry and then pick them up.  The weeding
goes faster this way, instead of putting them in
buckets and hauling them to the garbage bin.
We are trying to conserve energy for ourselves.

Above is broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.
Our Broccoli and Cabbage have done very
well.  So Far this year we have harvested
909 pounds of Cabbage and 100 pounds of

The cucumbers continue to grow up the strings
held up by rebar.  The cucumbers are just
beginning to produce.  So far this year we
have picked 112 pounds.

Another method we are using this year is
training tomatoes to grow up rebar.  This will
really help with the harvest.  We are using gardening
tape to support and hold the tomatoes to the rebar.

Sometimes taking these pictures it's hard to not get
my "shadow".  This just proves that I was there !

A close-up view of our Summer Squash Palm Trees.  I just
finished trimming them today, leaves are strewn all over
awaiting for 'someone' to pick them up.  Picking is getting
easier each week as the squash continues up the rebar.
I am 6'6" and they will be my height in a few weeks.

A father and son volunteer planting cucumber seeds.
We have lots of families coming to the farm and
working side by side.  Above we have weed block
in the box and holes "burned" where only 1 seed
is planted in each hole.  We have placed our
drip irrigation system on top of the weed block.

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