Tuesday, September 2, 2014

- * - Continuing with the Harvest - * -

The Produce has been washed, packed in
crates and awaiting to be delivered to
the Bishop's Storehouse.
We pick 3 times each week and make the
delivery shortly after picking so the
Storehouse has the freshest picking.
The above photo shows small (personal size) watermelons,
green bell peppers and tomatoes.

 The above photo shows tomatoes, yellow spaghetti squash,
hot peppers (front) and bell (sweet) peppers and mini watermelons.

So far this year we have harvested 62 pounds of watermelons.
The watermelons are just beginning to ripen so we will
have lots more.
The tomatoes has been slower to ripen so we have only
harvested 265 pounds.
Hot peppers harvested is 273 pounds and sweet (bell) peppers
come in at 391 pounds.

The photo above shows beautiful ears of sweet corn and
acorn squash, yellow summer squash and zucchini (rear)
So far this year we have harvested 1,137 pounds of
summer squash and 1,430 pounds of zucchini.
We have also harvested 380 pounds of corn so far.

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